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Lead Roof Vents and Bat Access

Where access through a roof is required for ventilation, providing access for bats to enter loft spaces or terminating air flow inlets and extraction systems a permanent solution to weather proof the hole created is necessary. Leadworx fabricates a range of ventilation and access options made using 100% Code 4 and 5 sheet lead milled to British Standard BS EN 12588.

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  • Lead Bat Access Vent

    Bat Access Vents

    £ 33.00 exc.VAT
    £ 39.60 inc.VAT
  • Lead Roof Vent

    Lead Flat Top Roof Vents

    £ 80.00 exc.VAT
    £ 96.00 inc.VAT
  • Lead Roof Vents

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £ 80.00 exc.VAT
    £ 96.00 inc.VAT

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