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Special orders

Some special order bat access tiles going out this week for one of our customers. If you cant see it on our website, send us a drawing and we can make it! Bat Slate

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Large flues!

Wow there's some big lead slates for some rather large flues going on a roof somewhere! 460mm diameter! #hetas #leadslate #roofing #leadwork #leadworxs #leadwelding #leadflashing #chimneyflashing #roofingproducts

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Recent projects

We just wanted to share some pictures of recent products we have made an sent around the UK. We pride ourselves on quality and this is reflected in our reviews. If you cant see it on our website, don't hesitate to contact us. Silver ripples #leadworxsupplies Dual...

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Scallop lead flashing

We have recently been making and playing with some funky new edging. Ideal for use around windows for a decorative look. #scalloplead #scallopleadflashing #leadflashing #scalloplead #scallopleadflashing #leadflashing Contact us for details

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Making waves

#leadwelding #leadflashings #prefabricatedroofingproducts #madeincornwall #roofers #leadvents #leadwelding #leadflashings #prefabricatedroofingproducts #madeincornwall #roofers #leadvents Making waves while the sun shines. Here at Leadworx we pride ourselves on high...

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Going batty

A large order of bat access vents going out today. Leadworx bat access vents are designed to provide safe passage for bats into roosting areas in lofts and roof voids whilst maintaining the water tight integrity of your roof. They are made from Code 4 sheet lead...

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New accessories now in stock

We are now stocking a range of new accessories to accompany your lead products.  Visit our accessories page for more details Accessories - Leadworx - Sheet Lead Flashing Supplies #Leadflashingclips #hallclips #coppernails #leadsealant #sealant #Leaddomeset...

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**Special Orders**

We make a large number of special orders for our customers, and new products that are not yet on our website. Recently we have been working on this Ridge Abutment. If you have any special products you need making and cant find them on our site. Please contact us for...

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Here at Leadworx we try to maintain an ethical conscience and do our “bit” for the environment. We use recycled packaging materials to minimize the impact on the environment which in turn reduces the cost to you. We are passionate about reducing our use of plastic so...

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** New product ** Valley Ridge Abutment

A new product that we have been working on recently is the Leadworx Valley Ridge Abutment. We have been making several of these and our clients seem very pleased. Soon to be added to purchase online but in the meantime contact us for pricing. #valleyridgeabutment...

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